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Grow your Online Business with Weekly Personalized Advice & Guidance so can Work Less and Profit More.

Hey there,

Claus here, host of the Ecommerce Coffee Break podcast, where I have interviewed hundreds of successful ecommerce experts, founders, and entrepreneurs to extract their secrets to grow a successful business.

Are you a first-time founder or solopreneur? Planning to leave the 9-5 job you hate?

Don’t know where and how to start? Feeling overwhelmed and overworked? Stagnant sales? Lost in marketing options? Low conversion rates? Struggling to stand out in that sea of online competition?

Your business feels more like a trap than a path to freedom?

We both know the internet is a vast, overly saturated place for businesses these days. It’s all too easy to get lost in tactics that just don’t move the needle for your bottom line.

If you agree, you’re gonna love what I have to share with you today.

Keep on reading… You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Here’s How I Help You

I help you gain clarity, confidence, and direction to build a successful eCommerce business. Achieve a balanced lifestyle and enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere.

Imagine transforming your 9-5 grind or traditional business into a thriving online venture. With “Founder’s Sidekick,” you’ll receive ongoing weekly expert guidance to make this dream a reality.

My personalized, “asynchronous” coaching is tailored for ambitious yet busy founders like you. It’s designed to address your key business questions as you start and grow your Direct-to-Customer business on Shopify.

Why choose weekly, asynchronous coaching? This innovative approach provides laser-focused advice that fits your hectic schedule. Simply message your questions any day of the week, at any time, in any time zone.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, you’ll get actionable feedback to craft winning marketing strategies, streamline operations, and boost revenue.

Tap into my 20+ years of expertise in marketing, eCommerce, business development and entrepreneurship for just $197/month. No risk – month-to-month flexibility.

Starting and growing an online business is tough, but you don’t have to do it alone. Your Sidekick knows the shortcuts and pitfalls. Don’t miss out on this chance to get help.

Claus Lauter

What You Will Get

This isn’t a DIY online course own or an expensive, time-consuming coaching program. Instead, you’ll get personal help with all your questions. 

These are the benefits you get when joining “Founder’s Sidekick”.

  • Accelerate business growth and avoid trial and error through expert advice and tailored strategies.

  • Overcome business challenges faster through customized feedback on your marketing, sales, and operations questions.

  • Get actionable answers and high-quality feedback to your questions through short video responses (twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays).
  • Stay ahead of ecommerce trends through our exclusive daily content newsfeed.

  • Expand your network and discover new opportunities through our private community of sellers and experts (250+ members).

  • Boost your store’s conversion rates significantly through our Conversion Optimization Masterclass.
  • Get personalized guidance and avoid common pitfalls through monthly 1:1 live strategy session & coaching call. (PLUS plan)

  • Access specialized knowledge and growth
    opportunities through a network of industry experts. (PLUS plan)

How is "Founder's Sidekick" different?

The “Founder’s Sidekick Program” offers ongoing, personalized video coaching support with access to a community of successful entrepreneurs and experts at a fraction of the cost of traditional coaching.


Founder's Sidekick

Generic Courses

Traditional Coaching

Personalized Feedback

Ongoing Support

Up-to-date Strategies

Community Access

Flexible Scheduling

Expert network access

Price Range

$197 - $297

$100 - $999

$1,000 - $5,000

Work with Claus Lauter

Why Work With Me:

For over 20 years, I’ve navigated the ever-changing ecommerce landscape, mastering entrepreneurship, business development, and marketing along the way.

As host of the top-rated Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast, I’ve tapped into the minds of hundreds of successful founders and experts, uncovering their profit-multiplying secrets.

Here are some results my clients have seen while working with me:

How It Works:

Invest In Yourself

You can listen to audio books, podcasts, and videos and “figure it out” – eventually. Don’t waste time and money piecing together generic resources.

Utilize a coach who has already been there and done that. Founder’s Sidekick is designed to maximize your odds of entrepreneurial success and equips you with the entrepreneur support to execute your vision with precision.

“Founder’s Sidekick” starts at $197/month for a limited time only with LIMITED SPOTS. No risk – month-to-month flexibility.

My private, one-on-one consulting costs $1,500+/month, but  “Founder’s Sidekick” draws from the same knowledge base, tailored to your specific business needs — at a price you can afford.

Invest in yourself and let this entrepreneur support program be your guide to building a business. The potential upside massively outweighs the cost of not taking decisive action.

Choose a plan and get access to:

Founder's Sidekick

Weekly Online Business Advisory



per month

5 spots available

Only $197/month. Zero risk. Month-to-month flexibility. Cancel anytime.
The price increases later this year. Secure your spot today to save and lock in this rate forever.

Founder's Sidekick PLUS

Weekly Online Business Advisory



per month

3 spots available

Only $297/month. Zero risk. Month-to-month flexibility. Cancel anytime.
The price increases later this year. Secure your spot today to save and lock in this rate forever.

Meet Your Business Sidekick

My name is Claus Lauter. I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2001 and am a top-rated eCommerce podcast host and producer.

My mission is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to launch and grow thriving online businesses. Through personalized guidance and cutting-edge strategies, I help people transition from 9-5 jobs or transform traditional businesses into flexible online ventures.

My approach focuses on achieving a balanced lifestyle and the freedom to work from anywhere.

I have over 20 years of experience as a successful online entrepreneur. I’m a Shopify and Klaviyo Partner, a certified Google expert, and an award-winning, 7-figure Shopify store owner.

I am also the producer and host of the top-rated Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast. I’ve interviewed hundreds of successful ecommerce experts, founders, and entrepreneurs, uncovering their secrets to growing a successful business.

And I have been working location-independent since 2008 and have worked from 40+ countries since.

When I say we’ve been there and done that, I truly mean it. Learn more about me here.

Let’s make some business waves together.



Questions about “Founder’s Sidekick”? Contact me here.